Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change, cancel, or pause my donation?

We are so grateful for your contribution to #GiveUsTheBallot, real change is coming and that is because of your contribution. Before you make any changes to your account, please consider staying on board because supporting these grassroots political organizers at this stage in the election cycle is the most important investment in democracy and voter enfranchisement.

We have a plan, and awareness and investment make a meaningful difference.

You can manage your donation by emailing our support team at hello@giveustheballot.org

What is #GiveUsTheBallot?

#GiveUsTheBallot is a campaign to combat the assault on democracy we see today, joining us is a fight against racism and advancing racial justice in America. You can sign up to donate between $0.50 and $2.00 (or more) every day to fight for voting rights and protect our democracy.

Where does my money go?

Contributions to #GiveUsTheBallot will be used to benefit the orgs and strategy on the main page of our site. By funding these organizers, they will be able to execute on strategies focused on education, awareness, voter registration, massive voter mobilization efforts, and supporting applying pressure on Senators key to passing a voter protection bill at the federal level.

- 80% of your donation will go directly to these efforts.
- 20% is spent on donor acquisition and ops so we can continue to grow the base of supporters and increase the amount of support flowing into the field.

What counts as a Federal Voter Protection Bill?

The For the People Act is a great example of a comprehensive voter protection bill. Here’s a great article breaking it down. It’s a great example of a bill that combats the current state based efforts to restrict voting rights, as well as addresses some problems that have been around a bit longer - namely the gerrymandering of our districts and the disproportionate power held by corporations and the ultrawealthy.

We’re intentionally not focusing on any one particular bill - like the For the People Act - as it is possible that the proposals in that bill will be repackaged under a different name.

Who runs #GiveUsTheBallot?

Resist This PAC is a federal Super PAC (an independent political action committee not affiliated with any political party or candidate) that funds progressive grassroots organizations.

Will the organizations I support ever change?

We vet and fund the organizers most effective in the current fight to preserve our Democracy. Grantees change month-to-month, depending on urgency and potential impact.

What is your funding criteria for organizations?

We’ve partnered with Movement Voter Project and Ground Work Project to help construct our portfolio. These groups have vetted participating organizations for their track record on moving the needle on national mass mobilizations, effectiveness of strategy, as well as their financial need and growth potential.

Is my donation secure?

Momentum processes all of your donations and makes security a top priority. Your sensitive information never touches #GiveUsTheBallot servers. Payment information is stored securely by Stripe which is subject to stringent regulations, including regular NACHA audits and compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), which includes monthly vulnerability scanning.

Where does the tip money go?

Your tip helps cover operating costs for our payment partner Momentum. Your tip allows them to continue to function as an organization that provides services for organizations like us entirely for free.

How are donations processed?

Our partner, Momentum, withdraws donations once a month. Resist This PAC then distributes these donations to March On, who then redirects the funds to the organizations on the ground being the most effective.

You can cancel any donations you have made up until they are withdrawn, at which point donations are not refundable. To cancel your pending donations, please contact hello@giveustheballot.org.

When will my donations stop?

As soon as meaningful federal voter protection and voting rights expansion is passed. If the For The People Act and / or The John Lewis Voter Advancement Protection Act fails to pass, we’ll keep the pressure on until our Democracy is safe. If you care about criminal justice reform, climate change, police brutality, and everything and anything in-between – it all starts with our Democracy and the ability for EVERYONE to have a voice.

How else can I help support #GiveUsTheBallot?

In addition to signing up to donate, you can help us spread the word! The more people who are involved, the greater impact we can have.Share the campaign on Instagram and Facebook, email and text your friends, and tell your neighbors! Use the hashtag #GiveUsTheBallot when you share on social media.