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Stop Voter Suppression. 

Fund progressive organizers fighting suppression and expanding the vote.

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Cheating is Their Only Chance.

In 2020, organizers helped secure a Democrat controlled White House and Senate. 

The Republican reaction? They’ve introduced nearly 400 voter suppression bills in 2021.

If we stop this effort, we could unlock the most progressive decade in history. When you support Give Us The Ballot, you are supporting community organizing working to…

Pass A Federal Voter Protection Bill
Fight State-Level Suppression Efforts
Keep The Public Pressure Up
Nearly 400
voter suppression bills have been introduced in 2021. The best way to combat this assault on our Democracy is by funding community organizing.

How it Works

We’re turning their mischief into our power. Each month, pledge a dollar for every voter suppression bill Republicans passed in 2021.

Our Founders:
Martin Luther King III &
Arndrea Waters King

The King family is among the greatest champions of voting rights in our country’s history.

‘Give Us The Ballot,’ founded by Martin Luther King III and Arndrea Waters King, is also the name of one of Dr. King's most famous speeches about giving Black Americans the right to vote. Join the next generation of Kings in the ongoing fight for voting rights for all!

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Our Co-founders

John Legend
Singer, Actor, and Activist
Russell Westbrook
Professional Athlete, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Family man
Joe Kennedy III
Politician and Activist
LaTosha Brown
Activist, Community Organizer, and Political Strategist
Cliff Albright
Activist, Community Organizer, and Political Strategist
Mondale Robinson
Activist, Community Organizer, and Political Strategist
Hill Harper
Activist, Author, and Actor

Mike Novogratz
Business Leader and Racial Justice Philanthropist
Erika Alexander
Activist, Actor, Writer, and Producer
Harrison Barnes
NBA Star and Activist
Scott Budnick
Film Producer and Activist
Nate Parker
Actor, Filmmaker, and Activist
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We are here to win!

We have already made a big splash raising over $6,000,000 defeating Trump and winning the senate seats in Georgia. Our work in crowdfunding for Black and Brown-organizers continues to be recognized in notable news agencies around the country.

We are also proud to have some of the most recognized celebrities join our cause and advocate for our mission. See below for articles and celebrities championing #defeatbytweet and #defeattreason.

Join the fight!

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